Letter from the Board President and Executive Director

To say the last two years have been difficult would be an understatement.

We are heartbroken by the toll the global pandemic has had on the immigrant community here in the U.S. and communities around the world. Many of the people we serve have been left out of federal support programs, effectively barring them from the economic assistance, health services, and other crucial lifelines available to other community members. We are disappointed by the current Presidential Administration, which has not gone far enough to undo the racist and unjust policies of their predecessor, exemplified by the increase in the number of community members held in immigration detention over the past year. And we are angered by an immigration system rooted in White supremacy

Yet in the midst of these challenges, it is vital that we recognize the power and hope that comes from being in community with one another, and acting to respond to those challenges. And thanks to the bravery of our clients, the hard work of our staff, and the generosity of our supporters, we have had many reasons to celebrate over the past two years.

We have provided direct legal services and community education to nearly 20,000 community members, helping them stay together with their loved ones, find protection from violence, and pursue new opportunities in work, education, and civic engagement. We’ve built a strong social services unit to connect our clients with meaningful health, housing, and financial support. And we’ve taken injustice to court through our impact litigation work, including fighting for the health and safety of community members held at the Tacoma immigration detention center, seeking justice on behalf of Iranian Americans illegally detained by Customs and Border Protection, and standing up for the rights of asylum seekers at the United States Supreme Court.

This work is only possible because of our community of support – a community of current and former clients; new and longtime donors and funders; pro bono attorneys, translators, interpreters, and office volunteers; and our staff and board of directors. For everyone who made this work possible, thank you.

Thank you for sharing our belief that all people deserve a life of safety, stability, and security regardless of where they were born. Thank you for taking action in the face of a racist immigration system. Thank you for believing that a just and equitable world for everyone is both possible and worth fighting for. We are grateful you have joined us on this journey, and that your support makes it possible for Northwest Immigrant Rights Project to defend and advance the rights of immigrants for years to come.

With enduring gratitude,

Liz Dunbar, Board President

Jorge L. Barón, Executive Director