Thank You

Every story in this report happened because of the work of this community. From the brave immigrants who faced overwhelming injustices in their pursuit of safety and security, to the supporters who provided their time, talent, or treasure to connect these community members to important resources.

From all of us at NWIRP, we would like to say thank you.

Thank you to our clients, who have come from 160 different countries, often crossing literal mountains and valleys and seas and continents in search of a new life. Who have faced the terrible racism and xenophobia of the United States immigration system. Who have endured unfair and unequal treatment in this country. Your courage inspires us.

Thank you to our staff, who work long hours in support of their clients to help them achieve their goals: to be safe from persecution and violence, to be together with their families, to be freed from detention.

Thank you to our volunteers, who also work long hours – sometimes through pro bono work, sometimes by helping us clean up at an event, sometimes serving on our board of directors, and sometimes helping us translate or interpret one of the 68 different languages our clients speak.

And finally, thank you to our community of supporters whose generosity and shared commitment to justice makes this work possible.